Family History

This is a picture of my family tree!
This is a picture of my family tree!

This is my family history it shows where I came from and who my relatives were and are. My family and I are best friends and we have always been best friends. The first object it a family tree that is always gaining new leaves. The second object is showing all of my ancestries.
My Grandpa now owns the family tree that you see in object one and one day it will be passed to my Dad then to my brother then to one of my brother's kids. This tree will always be part of my family and will be passed down for many more generations. 
It shows who my parents are who my grandparents are and where everyone was born. This paper shows exactly where I was born, where my parents were born and even when my grandpa passed away. I wasn't alive when he passed and my mom was only three years old when he passed away. Though I have never actually seen him
, I am able to see pictures and I am able to hear stories that people have told me. 
I am the 6th Generation to an immigrant and it is my Great Great Great Grandpa. His name is John Donahue born in 1864 and died in 1917 married to Margret Donahue born in 1859 and died in 1904. John came to the United States in 1872 from Galway Ireland and he was naturalized in Galway Ireland. John is my Great grandpas, Grandfather. It is so fun to facetime my great grandfather still to be able to talk to him about his childhood and about his Grandfather so I can learn more about my family history. 

Place(s): Galway Ireland, Boston Massachusetts
Year: 1872

– ML

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more