Family Heirloom Silverware

Relationship: Im/migrant

The year was 1920. My Great-Great Grandmother, a teenager, and her family passing through Ellis island. After they got through the immigration center. They would enter the United States of America and soon after that would buy a apartment or another place to live. After that they would buy all of the things needed to start a new life. One of the things they bought was silverware. This was a very expensive to have . But this was a very crucial part of family gatherings with some of their extended family already being in the U.S.A. These were used by many people throughout the years. This is what many people have done and still do today. Many people can relate to this story. My Great-great grandmother's family was also overcoming poverty. Most were farmers who had spent all of their money to get here but, no one knows her or her close families professions. This silverware has been passed down to many people through my family.

Place(s): Great Britain , New York
Year: 1920

– PD

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant