Relationship: Im/migrant

You can see my picture, a painting that I drew myself to express my feelings. The first color is blue and shows a bad experience in my life. But this experience helped me to grow and I feel my strength now. I changed the blue for red because now I feel better. And when I ask myself “Who am I?” I have the answer in my picture: “You are the most blessed of woman and blessed is the child you will bear.” This phrase is from the Bible. I drew this picture in psychology class where the task was to depict my feelings. I started drawing when I moved. Drawing gives me a sense of peace. As a child, I never drew because my teacher said I couldn’t draw. Now I have the picture on my bedside table, and I look at it every morning. 

Place(s): New York City, Ukraine
Year: 2023

– Khrystyna Dolynska

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant