Family Flag

Although I was born in the US, as was my mother, my grandparents migrated to the land of plenty as an effect of the aftermath of the Korean War. Despite the ties they felt to their homeland, my grandfather's schooling and career opportunities led to their move over to the States. In spite of the fact that my mother grew up on American soil all her life, the signature red and white stripes and fifty sparkling stars of the American flag were never seen in my grandparent's house. Instead, the Korean flag waved relentlessly boasting the black fragments representing the energy of the earth centered around a union of red and blue. Despite the appreciation they had for this country--a place that promised comfort and success--never did they want to forget their roots. Despite the desire to assimilate, they were ever proud of their heritage, ever proud of their homeland, ever proud of their flag.

Year: 1950

– Joelle Kim

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