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Join in with the neighboorhood.
Join in with the neighboorhood.

 Many people have objects that bring them feelings of nostalgia, but I have moments in time I’m able to think of that bring me joy. When I think of my family and who we are, I think of the activities we do and the fun we had doing them. In Puerto Rico where my mother is from, she said that people would be out all of the time, as seen in the second picture, people were out having a good time and my mother joined. She loves Puerto Rico, it’s a place where people come together and work together. That connects to how I was raised, my mom made sure her experiences became our experiences.
    I can only remember one of these events and it was in picture three where I wore a dress confidently for the first time. I never had this boost of confidence in me; I was usually the odd ball out, but my cousin came by and told me to get a dress on. Walking into the place I was nervous because my family never saw me wear a dress, but they complimented me and I felt great. That was the day I started to embrace a new style in me and it was thanks to my family. Being surrounded by people that actually see and care about me allowed me to truly grow.

Place(s): Puerto Rico and Family Event

– Lorena Rodriguez

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