Family barbeque

Black grill
Black grill

As I remember my grandma’s family barbeques, I can hear the sizzles from the carne asada and the conversations from my family meshing together. I can smell the gasoline from the grill, the salts, and the juices of the asada, as I anxiously wait to eat the deliciously grilled meat. Joy, comfort, and love are the feelings that will forever be imprinted in my brain when I eat grandma’s food. Soft and fluffy rice, the smooth, salty refried beans, the juicy, tangy asada, and the spice from my grandma’s salsa bring the flavors together. I can see my grandma bringing out tortillas and when I think I can’t eat another bite, the fragrance of the warm‒light tortillas hypnotizes me and I instinctively take one. My grandma immigrated from Mexico to California. Love filled the air, as this was the scene where my grandmother met my grandfather. With that love, my family grew and the tradition of the barbeque was created. At this time the barbeques served to create memories, and connections, and to grow as a family. Soon after my Grandma migrated from California to Las Vegas, Nevada and the tradition was kept alive. As her children created families of their own, my grandma held the family barbecues as a way to keep the web of family connected and the fire of love going. Through the delicacies that my grandmother would masterfully create and the stories of my uncle’s childhood; love, intimacy, and joy are the feelings that charge through my body. No matter what time of day or day in the year, I will always look forward to the next call about barbecue from my grandma.

Place(s): Las Vegas, Nevada

– Gregory Haley

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant