Faat Goh

As a traditional holiday treat, Faat Goh are made for Chinese New Year. “Faat” translates to Fortune, and these sweet treats are meant to bring luck for the new year. These tins were used by my Great Grandmother and passed on to my Grandmother. Although I don’t have too many memories of my Great Grandmother, I have many of my Grandmother making these in her kitchen. She would always make the batter using the same ladle and bowls. She would then spoon them into each tin and we would wait for them to steam up in the wok. When they were done, they would resemble little muffins that bloomed triangular peaks. The more they were pointed the more she said they were filled with fortune. As they cooled, I would pick off the tops because they were my favorite and most fun part to eat. We still use these tins every Chinese New Year to make Faat Goh. However, over time as I have learned to make them, come to understand how simple yet difficult they are to actually make. The process can’t be modernized or rushed as I would like it to be, but these tins are an annual reminder that the traditions of my family require time and patience.

Year: 1960

– Christina Chan

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