Esclava de oro (birth bracelet

In Attire

The day I was born, my parents gave me a birth bracelet.  It’s a tradition to give one to your child at birth in our family.  Both of my brothers have one too but they don’t wear it anymore.  My family is from Jalisco, Mexico in Tepatitlan where they brought that tradition from my grandparents.  Everyone’s birth bracelet is different, like mine has my initials and little hearts on the chain.  My brother’s bracelet has elephants on it instead of his initials.  It may not be an object passed down through generations but it’s a tradition that has been passed down.  And my birth bracelet will always remind me of my culture and family where I came from.  

Place(s): Jalisco, Mexico en Tepatitlan

– Viridiana Padilla

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