Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring
Engagement Ring

My immigration object is my great grandmother's ring. This item is important to my family because my father was given the ring by my grandmother. Furthermore, the ring symbolizes the love that my mom and dad have for each other. Finally it is something that reminds my family of my grandma and the love that she showed for my mom (my grandma passed away some years ago.) What the ring teaches me about our European culture  is that people give engagement rings to one another on special occasions. Also it has become a tradition over the years. 
My grandmother's ring makes me feel grateful to her (the picture shown above). The ring is made from platinum and diamond and in our culture today most European engagement rings (80% to be exact) are made from platinum, silver, and white gold. The ring reminds us of our tradition and where we are from. It is special to all of us and it brings us together . 
Even though my mom doesn't wear the ring that much (she accidentally broke it) we can still tell there is a lot of culture in it.  The culture of giving each other rings during weddings, the culture of passing down the ring to each new generation, so even though my mom doesn't wear it that much we can tell that it has a lot of culture in it. Furthermore the ring also has a lot of love in it. The ring is bursting with culture and love, that is why I chose it for my immigration object.

Place(s): Europe
Year: 1900

– IS.J

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant