Ecuadorian Flute

Relationship: Im/migrant

My object is a flute. It comes from Ecuador all the way from South America. It’s made out of bamboo from Galapagos ( a little island),yarn,string and little stiff cotton balls homemade. It can be used for special occasions like birthdays , communions, and to have fun in a musical or recital. My grandmother gave this to my mom and finally passed it to me. So, my mom and my grandmother played their flute to my grandfather on his birthday. Now I play for more reasons. I play this to my puppy and my sister and also to myself, when we are too hyper to sleep. It always puts us to sleep in no time.  I chose this object because I’m from Ecuador. My mother is Ecuadorian. The flute is for Ecuadorians and comes from the part of Ecuador that’s mountainous. This part of Ecuador still preserves their indigenous culture. It teaches me that in Ecuadorian culture many people love to listen and make music for fun. My mom immigrated from Ecuador to United States carrying this in her suitcase. She used to play this when she found a perfect home in a new place.  Finally I am very grateful I come from Ecuador surrounded with my people who love music and nature like me.       

Place(s): Ecuador

– Sheila

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant