Easter Bread

Lots of easter bread
Lots of easter bread

Sweet Easter, Sweet Bread
When springtime comes around, my family takes part in the usual Easter traditions of painting eggs and looking for them, but another tradition, a family tradition, also begins right after Lent, on Good Friday or Holy Saturday. This tradition is the making of Easter bread. After lent, you usually see my mom in the kitchen making our family famous Easter bread. Easter bread is a yeast based, sweet bread used to celebrate the end of Lent and the beginning of Easter. The breads are usually decorated with sprinkles to denote its celebratory status, as well as making it look good. The bread is purposefully made in large quantities to share with family and to gift to friends. The recipe comes from my maternal great grandmother who is from Calabria, Italy. The recipe has been handed down through many generations.  It is the type of recipe that was never written out;  you learned to make the bread by watching someone make it and then making it yourself.  The Easter bread is made to signify the end of the fasting time of Lent and to celebrate Easter or the rising of Jesus Christ. The bread is important to me because it is a family tradition that I have grown up with, and ate a lot of when Easter came around. Also because I will soon be taught the recipie, thus continuing the tradition for generations to come. This tradition is important to me because it symbolises thankfulness, being kind to others, as well as to not think of yourself, and instead to think of others, and to give back to those that helped you. 

Place(s): Italy

– James Ludemann

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