In Attire

My family is from Ecuador. We moved to New York in 1997. My Personal objects are earrings. My grandmother had 4 pairs of special earrings. She bought them in Ecuador when she was very young. These earrings are made out of real gold and precious stones. When my grandmother bought the earrings they cost 20 dollars. Now they are very, very expensive. When she was very sick and dying, she gave a pair of earrings to each of her children, so that each household had a memory of her. She said to us” never forget me”. This memory makes me feel sad. I miss her a lot. These earrings have a huge sentimental value for all the family. We remember her and carry her in our hearts. Right now my family`s earrings are with my mother. She lives in Ecuador. She only wears the earrings for very special occasions. One day they will be my earrings. I will wear the earrings and think of my mother and grandmother.

Year: 1997

– Mercedes Macancela

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