Duplex Homes

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At a very young age, My grandfather crossed the border all alone hoping for a better life in The United States. He didn’t have time to stay a kid, so he had to grow up fast. As a young adult, he worked day and night to feed and clothe himself. He slept at the warehouses or stores he worked at until the next day. Day and night, my grandfather worked until he made enough to buy himself a little place. As he grew older and turned into a man, he met my grandmother. They had 4 kids, but all born in separate years. My father being the eldest out of all of them, grew up in duplex homes with his brothers and sister. One in the back and one in the front. Their whole childhood was in that yard and in those houses. But who would've known that me and my brothers/cousins would grow up on that yard and in those same houses as well. These duplex homes are very important and special to me and my cousins/brothers. So many memories were created in that yard. Every get together, party, and every time we played outside as a family. Many things happen in that yard that I will never forget. Such as all the holiday get togethers we would have as a family. Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year, Independence Day, etc. We would always have a great time no matter what happen those days. While Me and my brothers/cousins play, the adults were in the back talking and goofing off. These houses brought us closer as a family because everything we've done together. These homes represent the love of our family.

Year: 2000

– Oscar G. Paniagua

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