Ducana and saltfishh

Relationship: Child of im/migrant

To others this picture may seem like a regular image of food however, this is extremely important to me and my culture. Before my parents migrated to the United States from Antigua they owned their own restaurant and were well known chefs. They did the best they could do to support themselves financially but during that time in Antigua the economy was bad and they wanted a new beginning and better opportunities. So they made the decision to migrate to New York and seek a better life. It was hard in the beginning for my family to adapt to the norms of the American culture. My parents found jobs off the books to earn money and did what they could to survive. They made the best out of their situation and still remained positive. They wanted to still bring their culture to the U.S, so something they were so passionate about was cooking. They made different Caribbean dishes that they were accustom making in their country.Eventually my parents were able to open up their own restaurant where they made a living off of doing exactly what they loved doing. This raised me and my siblings to be grounded and humble, also we get to experience the culture of my parents. In their reality their American dream came true for people who were considered immigrants. 

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant