Dress wear (Carnaval)

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This is an outfit worn in Ecuador!
This is an outfit worn in Ecuador!

My parents both immigrated from Ecuador to America. My mother and father separately came to America. My mother was flown out of Ecuador to Mexico. Then, she did a 15 hour walk to Arizona. She arrived in 2001. After about 6-7 years, she had me. The dressing shown in the picture shows the typical dressing in Ecuador. Very similar to the photo, many Ecuadorians dress with a bottom that is similar to a long skirt, called pollera, and a blouse top, known as a blusa. The dressing shown above was bought to celebrate the baptism of a relative. Since, here in America, many events and gatherings are usually supposed to have a dress attire similar to what was worn in Ecuador. A festival that this dress wear is also worn in is carnaval! Carnaval is usually celebrated before or after ceniza, ash. This year it is on the 14th of February so it is called Ash Wednesday. The celebration of carnaval comes in many forms such as playing with powder; sometimes it can be flour or cornstarch; water; this is usually just in Ecuador but sometimes in America as well; and carioca; which is a foam spray often used in this festival!

Place(s): Ecuador and Mexico
Year: 2001

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Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant