In Attire

In Honduras, the way the Garifuna dress is different from others. They call it "El Vestuario (clothing) Garifuna". It is a tradition of what they ancestors left them, so when they had to go out and dance with the drums they always had to wear those clothes and that was like they uniform. This reminds me of my grandmother because till this day she still dresses up with those types of clothes. You will never find these types of clothing in any stores because these clothing are made by hand or using a sewing machine. Many Garifuna people wear those clothes on Misa Garifuna. A Misa Garifuna is a mass they have every Sunday towards the end of the month and in that mass they sing, dance and eat and many more. They dance with many instruments also such as drums, maracas, and etc.

Year: 2016

– Lesly C

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