In Attire

My family immigrated to the United States form Jalisco, Lagos De Moreno. My father first came over to California. Three years later my mother came over with my twin brother and I in 1995. It was a difficult journey but we made it. We came to the United States because my parents wanted a better life for us. We came with nothing. My parents had to start from the bottom and work themselves up. We did not know the language or American culture. My parents learned the language through English classes and co workers. My brother and I learned English through school. This is a picture of myself wearing a shirt that says dreamer and the year I arrived to the United States. I was attending a protest to save the DACA program which I am a recipient of. This represents who I am and my family. My parents came to the United States with dreams and hopes for our family to have a better life. My parents immigrating allowed me to have dreams of my own.It hasn’t been easy but we all have worked hard to make our dreams come true. If it wasn’t for my parents and this country, I wouldn’t of had the opportunities I been able to have. 

Year: 1995


Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child