Dorchester Savings Piggy Bank

Brass Car Piggy Bank, 1920s -1940s
Brass Car Piggy Bank, 1920s -1940s

I let out a long sigh as I stared at the mountain of homework that stood as tall as Mt. Everest. When I feel as though I can’t lift a finger to work, I always remember my Grandfather's piggy bank. It is inscribed with the year “1928” in a font as old as time. My grandfather held it when he was just a boy. Now, many decades later, I possess it with pride. My grandfather grew up in Dorchester, Massachusetts. When he was older, he became an educated citizen and an accomplished businessman, an attribute displayed by the nature of the item. An old squeaky brass Model-T car that doubles as a coin storage unit doesn't seem like anything of value. To me, this little toy bank represents a whole lot more than something monetary. The piggy bank contains an idea (along with assorted pocket change). Success and perseverance both flow out of the cold, brown brass, which emits the metallic smells of the many coins that have traveled through it. When I grow up, I have an obligation to carry on the legacy that my grandfather left behind. I am filled with an immense sense of pride to know that I have the privilege of carrying not only an heirloom, but a unique piece of American history. Consequently, whenever life can’t seem to spare a dime, I know that the piggy bank will remind me what I’m working for.

Place(s): Dorchester

– Finn Brown

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