Relationship: Im/migrant

Hello my name is Shakhboz and i'm from Uzbekistan. The item i'm talking about is type of hat that's called dopi. This hat is made for wearing it and there is more important reason. It's used in Muslim holiday called hayit. At the Muslim holiday every Muslim man have to go to macit. The Muslim woman is usually stays home. Every single year me and my brother go to macit when it's time. The story of my item is returning to back 1 year ago when me and my brother wanted to return to Uzbekistan in order to see our other family members who i haven't seen for 3 years. When we return to our country we saw lot of family members and my grandmother gave me and my brother two hats and we returned it to New York. Since that we haven’t missed any Muslim holidays. This hat is very important item in my life because it reminds me of my family, culture, religion, and grandmother who have played a big role in my life. 

Place(s): Uzbekistan
Year: 2014

– Shakhboz

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant