Dodgers Bobblehead

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The bobblehead is on the far right
The bobblehead is on the far right

The object I have chosen is a Los Angeles Dodgers bobblehead. I believe the player is supposed to be Ron Cey. It was owned by my grandfather, who gave it to my father. They used to go to a lot of Dodgers games, since they lived in Lancaster for a long time. We will still watch or go to them, it’s just more rare that we actually go. I think that this was one that was given out when they entered the stadium. It’s just a standard styled bobblehead, like the ones they sometimes give out when you go to the stadium, and it sits up on a shelf. My dad told me about it when I was five or six. I connect it to baseball games, since it’s the most prominent baseball decoration that I’ve seen them have. I believe that it connects to my identity/culture because baseball has always been a big part of my dad's half of the family, and this is I think the best piece they own that represents that. I believe this because there are other bobbleheads that he has next to it that were purchased, but this one was actually handed down to him.

Place(s): Los Angeles
Year: 2020

– Henry Brax

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