In Fun

My object is a baseball because it connects with my family for many generations. Baseball runs is my family because when I was a child he used to bring us to the field to teach us how to play baseball. Baseball is not a tradition but Dominicans play baseball the same way Americans play. When my Uncle started showing us how to play in the field, I started liking it and now I play and have a pretty good arm. My Uncle always used to say “always keep the ball in front of you”. My sisters didn't really liked baseball but my other cousins and I did, so I told him to teach us more. When you play in the outfield you can see the whole game but it depends where you play in the field; it could be right, left or center. My uncle played every position but he taught me about the outfield and made me love the game ever since.

Year: 2001

– Joanni

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