Diya (Light or candle)

Relationship: Im/migrant

The word Diya means light or candle.  This object is used on a special Indian holiday called Diwali.  We celebrate Diwali in October.  This is a celebration of lights.  This festival is celebrated everywhere in India.  The reason my family uses this object is to celebrate the day when one of our gods, Rama, came back from 14 years of exile in a forest. Rama’s father had three wives.  The day before Rama was to be crowned king, one of the wives of the king became jealous.  She thought that her own son should be king.  So she asked her husband, for two wishes.  That her son would be crowned king and that Rama would be have to live in the forest for 14 years.  Rama’s brother and wife went to the forest with him.  There, Rama’s wife Sita was abducted by an evil king.  Rama asked for his wife back but the king said no, so Rama declared battle.  In the battle, Rama killed the evil king and Rama’s wife was returned to him.  The years of exile were over and Rama returned to his kingdom.  When he returned, everyone in the kingdom greeted him with lights for the victory in the war and for the return from the forest.  Diwali has been celebrated for generations.  On the day of Diwali, my family lights candles.  The reason Diwali is important to me is because it is a time when my family gets together.  I always look forward to having this festival and having fun with my family because my mom makes delicious food.  Diwali is one of my favorite festivals and I really enjoy celebrating it.

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