Dish wares in Portugal

Dishes of Portugual
Dishes of Portugual

  Antiques of Cooking with Love 
 Five years ago, in Chesapeake, Virginia, the dinnerware of Portugal was a sale by an elderly lady. However, no one wanted them because they thought they weren’t valuable enough to sell for money. Shockingly, my mother got them for free, brought them home, and set them up on the stand shelves. I looked at these antiques and discovered they were not as old as I thought. They were clean, with no scratches or dents. They were organized and useful for making different types of cuisines: French, Spanish, Mexican, etc.  I asked my mom why she took these antiques home, and why she wanted it. My mom wanted to experience these dishes for the first time, and she wanted to pass them down to us soon. Because of this we add decorations around it to display them when we have company over.  Two years later, it was time to move to Suffolk city, so we packed up everything early. After we were done with the rooms, we packed the fragile stuff, but we did this first. We had to wrap everything with bubble wrap, so they wouldn’t get scratched, stained, and shattered into many pieces. After we moved and set up everything in the house, we had a celebration party with our antiques. My mom said when she and dad are gone, she will pass them to us, so we can pass them to our future children for generations. I keep these pictures as a remembrance of when we cooked dinner every holiday we had. 

Place(s): Portugual


Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more