The reason why I chose a diploma to represent my family's history was because my grandparents had came from Chicago. The city they lived in was a pretty rough part. So the rate of people getting out of Chicago to go to college was either very little to none. They take strong pride in being a man of color and going to college and becoming a well educated man. My grandfather was in the Air Force while my grandmother stayed in Chicago. My grandmother always had a dream to become a P.A. (Physician Assistant). Do to her living situation there was not that much of a chance that she could go to college. My grandmother went and excelled in school and also played a sport. She worked hard and wanted to make her parents proud so that she could make it out in this world. Education and getting a diploma is very important to them because it shows that you are a well educated young man of color. For me being a man of color my grandparents and my mother always say that it is hard out there for us. So we need to be educated and learn our rights and it really goes to show how much of a person you are. My family takes pride in education because they all say that we came from nothing and we didn't overcome all I this to grow up and become nothing so it's a very strong belief for my family that we should all go to college.

Year: 2016

– Quintin Hardie

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