Dining Table

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
This is a 6 seat mahagony table.
This is a 6 seat mahagony table.

My family has always been really connected, we are always together. When one of us suffers we all suffer, and when one succeeds we all succeed. Since I was a child, my parents have taught me the importance of having your family's back because they'll have your back. The dinning table happens to be the place where we all came together and where those lessons are taught. Things like respect, perseverance, patience, love, etc. The dinning table was and still is used to hold all the conversations that are needed. Around the dinning table, all family members' voices are heard, which is one of my favorite parts.

It is really important to us to remember where we came from and the dinning table is the place where his takes place. We have dishes like arroz con pollo y habichuela to  remind us of where we immigrated from. Being immigrants in America isn't always an easy thing but, the dinning table makes it better. My favorite part was and still is getting together with the rest of the family during Thanksgiving and Christmas. The dinning table brought us together no matter our differences. Eating was one of the most important things that were carried out in the mahogany table. I think back to Thanksgiving when the table would be nicely decorated and my uncles and aunts would be yelling across the table. I think back to all the delicious meals that have been placed on the table. The table just feels like home. 

Place(s): New York
Year: 2010

– Luis

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant