Delft Blue Pottery

Relationship: Im/migrant
Delft Blue plate depicting my birth-date
Delft Blue plate depicting my birth-date

 In 1948, my grandfather, Peter, immigrated to the Napa Valley from the Netherlands in pursuit of a new life away from the sad memories and distress after Nazi Germany's occupation of the Netherlands. Although my grandfather had missed leaving what he once called home, he continued his love for farming and other aspects of rural life through his first job as a groundskeeper for the Beaulieu Vineyard’s gardens. This eventually led him to what is now known as Van Winden’s Garden Center.             Peter grew up in Pijnacker, a small town located east of the city of Delft in the Netherlands. Delft Blue is a renowned porcelain-inspired line of clay ceramics that was once a form of social status. It is glazed with tin and from the manufacturing city of Delft. Each Delft Blue product has a unique hand-painted illustration of Dutch scenery and heritage. Commonly, these artworks depict fields, windmills, canals and pastures of grazing cows.     My first experience with Delft Blue pottery was in my home. We have a hanging display of Delft Blue plates across our kitchen walls. I even have my own authentic personalized Delft Blue plate from my aunt that represents my birth-date.  Within the artistic illustrations are the date and time I was born, as well as my name around the inner ring of the plate. Through these artworks, I feel passionately connected to this part of my Dutch heritage.    

Place(s): Pijnacker
Year: 1948

– Lucas Campainha

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant