Deck of Cards

A Deck of Cards used to play Spades.
A Deck of Cards used to play Spades.

When it comes to my family all that’s needed to have a good time is a deck of cards and food on the grill. This has been somewhat of a “tradition” in my family for many years. From what I can remember it started with my grandfather, who has recently passed, and his brothers, my uncles, playing spades at every cookout or family get-together we’ve ever had and now almost everyone in my family knows how to play. Spades is a card game which calls for no more than four people and can be played in pairs with the person opposite of you. The objective is to take the number of “tricks” that were bid on between you and your partner before the game began. The game can get pretty intense if your family is competitive like mine but we have a good time while everyone laughs and enjoys each other's company. It may cause minor feuds but in the end we get over it and we’re back to joking around. Even though it’s just a simple deck of cards, it’s a significant piece to our family and keeps us together. And it shows me that no matter what happens we should always stick together and hopefully that can be passed on through the next generations.

Place(s): North Carolina

– JF

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