Day of the Dead Altar

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Grandmothers and grandfather
Grandmothers and grandfather

 This is an altar that my mom made last year to pray/honor my grandfathers and grandmother during the Day of the Dead. This holiday is celebrated during November 1 and November 2, and the family chooses how they want to remember their loved one. In general, relatives will do the things that their loved one enjoyed. Other activities include making sugar skulls. The skulls are candy skulls that usually children enjoy making to get involved in the holiday. Relatives also make dead bread which is typically only consumed during this special holiday. Everything tends to be decorated in a way that the specific individual would have enjoyed.

Ultimately, the decoration level varies, and therefore I chose to show this altar because it demonstrates practicality. My mom would make bigger and more complicated altars before we moved to the United States. With a busier life and with children around this smaller altar keeps the memory of our loved ones alive during a tradition in our culture. Most importantly it demonstrates how traditions can change as people experience new cultures or a change of lifestyle. 

Place(s): Mexico, Chicago
Year: 2006

– Ulises Beltran

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant