David May's Book

A picture of David May's books
A picture of David May's books

Johann Fritze was born in Schwarzburg Germany, of aristocratic birth. When he was  five years old Johann’s father was poisoned at the castle by his brother because he would then have ownership of all the property. Johann’s uncle had him kidnapped from the castle and delivered to a family giving them strict orders to keep him in seclusion. The family was paid well to make sure nobody knew who he was. 

Johann was sent to town to sell the farm produce and occasionally he was given a few cents for his efforts. Over time he saved up his money and escaped. After several days he stopped at a farm to ask for food and a kind, childless company took him in. He stayed with them until he was drafted into the army.  

Johann met his girlfriend while in the army. They decided to move to America together. He took furlough from the army, met his love on the ship, and sailed to America. 

I used a passage by David May. I summarized it because I felt  it was very interesting and inspiring. He wrote about Johann’s story which is factual,  like something you’d see in a movie. This was important to share  because I got to learn about my lineage, and about my family history. Johann’s story represented me because I’m part of his bloodline, and I’ll look back at this when I think my life is hard! 

Place(s): Germany, and America
Year: 1853

– Maya

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more