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A pair of nude dance tights
A pair of nude dance tights

The special object I would like to talk about are my dance tights. I received my first pair of tights at age 13, when I first started to dance without any regrets. My whole life I dreamed of entertaining people, especially on the stage. However, I was always afraid to do so because of the fear I had of being picked on about my weight and/or looks. It was always so hard as a young child and sometimes even now, due to having a hard family life. From fights to arguments to death and so on. Becoming a dancer really gave me an outlet not only from the toxicity of my household, but from my mind as well. Not to mention both of my parents also have some type of background with dance. So in some ways that brought all of us closer together. Whenever I slip on my dance tights, it  feels like all the stars in the universe align accordingly. They feel so snug and tight as if I were being hugged. It's a source of comfort I enjoy and a symbol of how far I have come in dance and life.

Place(s): Norfolk

– D.J.

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