Cuban Family Bible

The Battered Family Bible
The Battered Family Bible

This bible was given to my grandmother, Eva Ares, by her mother as a coming-of-age gift. 

Born in 1933 in Camaguey, Cuba, Eva was known by all for her candid gentleness. Though passive, everyone knew her to be as clever as they came. Eva was the daughter of a respected planter and politician, so she was given more than most as a child. However, her young-womanhood of splendor quickly turned dark as the 1950s approached.

As the communist presence in Cuba rapidly became dominant, my grandmother lost faith in many things, like President Batista and her father's influence. Yet, her faith in two things remained: herself and God. By 1959, all of her family, except for her mother and children, had either fled or been killed in the Cuban power struggle. Eva was terrified, the once comfortable life that she had was gone and the task of saving our family was left to her. 
In 1960, she finally acted as the family matriarch and fled Cuba with her mother, children, and the family bible, leaving their home behind.

When my Grandmother first arrived in Florida, the first thing she did was pray, bible in hand. Though the Bible is quite unassuming in presentation it is a powerful heirloom in reminding our family of the power of faith and our brave heritage. 

Place(s): Florida | Cuba
Year: 1960

– Brandon

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant