crucifix necklace

My dad had this necklace and showed me that it meant a lot to him because before he came to America my great grandfather gave him this necklace. My dad needed to leave a huge part of his childhood and important memories. He came here looking for a better future. But what most hurt him was that he needed to leave his grandparents that raised him up.The only memory that he had of them was this necklace and it meant a lot to both of them because time made them feel with a lot of faith. It also makes me feel like that, but one day when my great grandfather died we sent it to Mexico in memory of him and made us really sad and since we knew it meant a lot to him we sent it over to there but we still remember this necklace as something very important that had been with my father for 13 years.

Year: 2003

– Ana Bautista

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