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Relationship: Im/migrant

Bangladesh Cricket Jersey, By Musfiqur Rahman. My immigration object is a Bangladesh cricket jersey. It's jersey that people in Bangladesh wear to play cricket. My uncle gifted me this jersey when he came to America from Bangladesh in 2016. It was made in Bangladesh and is synthetic cloth. People in my country wear it because to honor the national team and to know what team you are supporting. I never thought about the jersey before the immigration study in my school. I thought that it was just some kind of a cloth that you wear. It was in my drawer for the whole time until now. I chose this jersey because it has more meaning in my culture than just wearing it to honor the team. There is a Bangladesh flag at the top right corner of the jersey. There is a red circle in the middle of the flag, which shows and honors of the people that fought war. The other sides has a green color, which shows the amount of Greenland there is in Bangladesh. There is a picture of a tiger as well. It's because the Bengal tiger is the national animal of Bangladesh. Also, it's like a habit in my country that people sit together and watch a game. That is when we mostly wear the jersey. So, whenever I see the jersey it reminds me of the game, people that died in a war, and the national animal of Bangladesh. You will see people wearing it if Bangladesh team wins or plays a game. I feel pride when I look at this object. I will remember the time when I had to research and know so much about my culture.

Place(s): Bangladesh
Year: 2012

– Musfiqur

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant