Cricket Bat

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cricket bat
cricket bat

An object that is important to me is a cricket bat. Cricket is a sport played in the West Indies, it is a game that can be compared to baseball. It’s a game which is played with multiple fielders which catch the ball(cricket ball) being hit by the bat. When the ball is hit and it is the batters goal to run between two stumps to score points. It is a very objective game. It was also important to me growing up for fun. This was a game I would go outside and play with my friends all the time to get pass time. This game was introduced to me by my grandfather who got me my first cricket bat and it was from then I played it in school and even outside of school. It became both a game of competitive and leisure fun. This game is important in Barbados being that it is widely advertised and it is a main game of this caribbean island I grew up on.

Place(s): barbados

– Aaron

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