Cozy Knit Blanket

Maple cuddling in a cozy blanket
Maple cuddling in a cozy blanket

My object is a knit blanket. My great-grandmother, Gisella, gifted the blanket to us. We drape it on our sofa because of its exquisite & lovely pattern. If somebody is cold, or they just want to be cozy, they can wrap themselves around in it. Our immediate family uses the blanket. Sometimes we even call our family our “4 family”! The blanket is made of soft, and comforting wool yarn.The colors of the blanket are a rusty red, a british sunshine yellow and maybe some brown. When I’m wrapped around the blanket I feel cozy and I’m glad to be embraced in it. 

I chose my blanket because it’s something that me and my family actively use. It is part of a very pure, lovely, and special part of my culture. It feels cozy; like something you can trust no matter how you are feeling. 

This object is connected to my great-grandmother, Gisella, who came into the United States in the year 1959. Gisella is a Holocaust refugee that bolted out of hungary in search to escape  religious persecution. 
My grandpa was growing up during this journey as well. If I could ask my great-grandmother  one question, I would ask “What is migrating with a young child, just figuring themselves out like? How did you support my grandpa ?”, and if I could ask my grandpa one question I would ask if he had any memories of migrating, what were they? Were they good? Were they bad?
Thank you for listening to my story.  

Place(s): Hungary, USA
Year: 1959

– MV

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more