Corn Tortilla Maker

Relationship: Child of im/migrant

When my mom was fourteen back then in her hometown Puebla, Mexico my grandma taught her to make corn tortillas made by hand. My mom had to make them, so her brothers and sisters can eat with tortillas. Back then buying tortillas was 20 pesos that equals 1.06$. It was not easy to get 20 pesos because people can only make 100 pesos a day in Puebla that equals 5.31$. My mom also made tortillas to make something in her culture they call picaditas known as sope’s. Sope’s are a traditional Mexican dish that is popular in Tierra Caliente, Guerrero, MX. My mom even had to make and make tortillas to make the picaditas. She also had to make them to feed the employees my grandfather the he had working in his farm. She makes the tortillas in a tortilla maker made from an iron to smash the tortillas. What the picadita had was sour cream, white cheese in sprinkles and green or red sauce. When my mom immigrated to the US in 2003 she still made them. Picaditas was not just something we always eat but she usually makes them on Sunday’s. I like how she makes them they are so good she even adds slices of Cecina beef. She even finds ways to put different stuff like chicken and potato with sour cream and the cheese and the green or red sauce. We sometimes even just eat corn tortillas made from her to come with our food. In my culture we eat everything with tortilla well things that matches them not anything.   

Place(s): Puebla, Mexico
Year: 2003

– Agustin A.

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant