Coqui Music Box

Puerto Rican Flag with a Coqui on it.
Puerto Rican Flag with a Coqui on it.

My grandparents left Puerto Rico for opportunity and a better life. Not having much to bring from home, they brought a small music box to remind themselves of where they came from. For countless years I was left in the dark about what was in that box. After countless attempts  to peek inside, I eventually gave up. My Curiosity for the box rapidly decreased as I gave up caring. Recently my curiosity sparked back up when my parents were given the box from my grandparents. When I was finally allowed to look inside my mind was cluttered with confusion. A small plastic frog popped up and played a funny tune researching what it could possibly be, I soon found out it was a Coquí. A Coquí can only be found on the island of Puerto Rico and nowhere else. My grandparents explained to me that the funny tune of the Coquí reminds them of their roots and how they were happy as a child in Puerto Rico. It is said that the Coquí Play they’re funny tune all night long. Not only does this box remind my grandparents of when they were younger, but it reminds them of their relatives that are still in Puerto Rico. This box is important to my family, so it’s very important to me. This box will be passed from generation to generation, to remind each generation where they came from and where their culture is from. Some people might not believe that small items can contain such large sentimental value, but they cannot be further from the truth.

Place(s): Puerto Rico
Year: 1949

– Nate O

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant