This copper plate has been a very important object to my family and to my culture. I chose it because of the weightiness it holds. It is a traditional Nepali plate used for eating and performing some rituals. My dad and his siblings were forced to leave their country, Bhutan, and they came to Nepal as refugees along with this copper plate but they didn’t bring other utensils. I think this clearly shows that how important it is. My grandparents bought this plate in Bhutan before my dad was born, they brought it to Nepal, and we brought it here to America in 2016. And we will continue to keep it safe. I belong to a Buddhist family and this plate has the important role to my culture We use this plate in our festivals and our new year. We put raw rice, flowers and fruits on this plate and give it to the Buddha in order to get a blessings from him. In our culture, we believe that if we have this plate in our home, we will never have a feeling of weakness caused by lack of food.  This is one of the particular items that has impacted me remarkably; it has influenced my family’s life forever.  Sometime I observe that this object carries our family’s history. Nowadays, this kinda copper plate is hard to find in the market. Also it is very expensive to buy it.

Place(s): Bhutan
Year: 2019

– AT

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