Cookie Recipe

Recipe in cookbook made when I was 7
Recipe in cookbook made when I was 7

Triple Chocolate Candy Cane Crunch Cookies

When I was about 7 years old, one December morning I was sitting in the living room with my mom while she watched her favorite channel, the Food Network. As I watched, despite being disappointed I couldn't be watching one of my cartoons or sports shows, I started to get into the baking show that was on the screen. As the baker on the show started to come up with improvisations for her baking recipes, I realized how creative and fun you could get with baking. I told my mom I wanted to make my own recipe. She grabbed me a piece of paper and a pen and we sat down and took notes on the tv show's recipe. With my mom's help of telling me which ingredients I would need to make an actual cookie, I added my own flavor in the form of chocolate chips, cocoa powder and crushed candy canes, to get into the holiday spirit. Then, once I finalized my dream recipe, my mom and I took to the kitchen, and that day I made my first ever batch of delicious cookies. My recipe is now written down in a family cook book, and every holiday season, me and my mom still make my triple chocolate candy cane cookies. I hope to one day pass down this tradition to children of my own, so I can make a mess in the kitchen with them too.


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