The Comb

its used to comb hair
its used to comb hair

In 800 CE. humans in england were called the vikings. The vikings had plans to take over all of Europe. For years the vikings would raid and kill anyone that stands in their way. The vikings bowed to king Cnut England's first king, he made regular orders to raid european settlements and take valuables. At times he tried to negotiate with the europeans to give their valuables to the vikings but they always ended up having to kill europeans and take the items by force. Most vikings were peaceful farmers and had a wife. But the viking raiders that went out on missions would have to deal with weather and disease while traveling. Vikings traveled all over the world. In fact, the vikings discovered the U.S. continent about 500 years before Christopher Columbus did. The vikings would often get dirty and rancid on their travels but the vikings actually liked to keep themselves clean. They would take a bath every week, that's really clean compared to knights during the middle ages they would take a bath one time or two times a year.along with a few other inventions, the vikings also invented the comb as we know and use today. The vikings used the comb all the time and because they shared comes they would have lice all time. So they bleached their hair to prevent head lice.

Place(s): Europe and England

– gavin swenson

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