Christopher Minott

My Grandma, Sonya, came to New York City from Costa Rica in 1987. She came here to have a better life. Costa Rica is a beautiful country. But she wanted to come to America to live a new life. She came here and found a beautiful apartment. But she never forgot her own country.Even though she left her country she did have sad feelings. During her journey she might have felt the same way, but when she arrived here her feelings changed. She was happy because there were so many people here. They were all from different nations and spoke many different languages. She felt her heart become warm and lighter to hear the different languages. Soon she had many friends of her own. The object, which is the Costa Rican flag, is connected to my Grandma, Sonya because she still feels very close to Costa Rica. My Grandma is very active in her community. She participates in learning and understanding many cultures. At the same time, she knows that she cannot forget her own heritage. Therefore the flag has become a part of her heritage and her memory.My Grandma, Sonya, has not visited her country since her arrival in New York City, but she takes part in parades in New York City that represents her culture and her heritage. She also follows news about her country that reaches her very often when relatives arrive or when friends come to visit her.

Year: 1987

– Christopher

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant