Christmas Tree Angel Topper

This angel is a tree topper my grandfather and his family brought to America when they immigrated from Ireland. Throughout both their time in Ireland and in America, Christmas was not complete until the angel topper was placed on the Christmas tree. Each year my grandfather and his three siblings would rotate whose turn it was to put the topper on the tree, doing so as a ritual of this important holiday in the family.

This tradition has since continued in my family, being passed down from my great grandparents to my grandfather to his children and now grandchildren, me and my cousins. Even though my grandfather is no longer alive, my family keeps this tradition going and puts so much value in the importance of the holiday. No matter how busy the family is during the year or where we may be, all are present on Christmas day to put the angel on the Christmas tree. Now rotating among the nine grandchildren, the angel usage is an important part of Christmas and my family history. The angel has come to symbolize family and the tradition included with such family. All the hard work my grandfather did to come to this country and make a successful life here is shown through such long standing family traditions. No matter how fragile it may be and how worn it becomes, this angel tree topper epitomizes all of the importance my family places on keeping tradition alive and honoring all that my grandfather and ancestors before him did to make great lives for us in the present.

Place(s): Ireland

– Julia Barravecchio

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant