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Christmas Stocking
Christmas Stocking

My object is my Christmas stocking. My G.G. (Great Grandmother) made it at my birth. 
Every Christmas, my stocking along with the rest of my family’s stockings hang on the fireplace mantel at my Grandaddy’s house. They look so colorful and cheerful lined up in a row. 
When we wake up on Christmas morning, our stockings are filled with tiny little toys you never know you want until you get them. For example, one year me and my sister got two orange spheres that if opened, 8 mini realistic looking foods came out. These orange spheres were wrapped in their wrappings and it took forever to get the wrappings off. Then once you manage that you see this little circle - it is a different shade of orange, on top. You try to press the circle. Nothing happens. You figured out how to open it and it becomes 8 pieces.  Out comes 8 very realistic looking mini food toys.  
My stocking has my name on it. It is made of yarn and velvet fabric. On the front there is a ballerina with a ruffled skirt also known as a tu-tu! The ballerina’s hair is brunette and her tu-tu is white and pink. On my stocking the ballerina is frozen in a pirouette stance. Or looks like a tree pose. If you don’t take ballet or yoga here is the last description I’m giving you, so read carefully. Her toes poised just so, her fingers crisp, like the fall air, but delicate enough she looks like she is ready to spin into space.
I chose my stocking because every Christmas since I was born I’ve used my stocking. Also as I mentioned previously, it is really special to me because my G.G. made it for me!  

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