Dominican Carnival

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Colorful devil costumes worn at carnival
Colorful devil costumes worn at carnival

The Dominican festival is a very defining celebration of who we are as a nation. This ¨vegano¨ carnival is the oldest carnival in the Caribbean region, dating back since the 1500s. It is held every Sunday for the entire month of February to celebrate independence and patriotism. The very unique and colorful devil-like costumes are a symbolism of mockery, as residents used it to make fun of the colonial masters in their elaborate clothing. Over the years, it turned into the biggest celebration in the country to tell history, and reflect Dominicans’ mixed heritage. This carnival is an essential and cheerful part of the Dominican Republic’s culture and people.
People from all over the nation come together to join the celebration and take part in all the carnival has to offer. A really big part of this celebration includes our traditional music like merengue, bachata, and palo. These are all music variations that we have developed from ancestors. Our African, Taino, and Spanish heritage are reflected through our food and upbeat music. Dominicans at this festival eat traditional starchy foods like plantains or yucca; or even the traditional rice and beans. Every year February becomes one of the most exciting and colorful times in our nation due to the carnival spirit!

Place(s): Dominican Republic
Year: 2008

– reyna cuevas

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