Christmas Ornament


Only God and I know exactly how disappointed I felt when my mother broke the news to me that I was NOT born in New Orleans. I was a Texan. A TEXAN!!!! All of my nuclear family and most of my extended family were proudly born with Mardi Gras beads and jazz running through their veins. I resented it, until about two years ago. On that faithful early December morning, I saw my grandmother polishing a beautiful, glass ornament. As she meticulously hung it on her beautiful Christmas tree, I asked her where she got it. As I looked closer, it had the name of my birth hospital on it. All she said was, “ We were waiting for you to finally come home...” (encouraged by J. D’Antoni) 

Place(s): Texas
Year: 1994

– Natoshia

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child