Christmas Lox


Our tradition of having Jewish lox for our Christmas breakfast began in the 1970's when my grandma, my great aunt Peggie, and my mom were living in Canada. During this time, they were able to live there through a marriage visa because my great aunt was married to my great uncle Peter. I never got to meet great uncle Peter, because he and my aunt did not stay married for long, however he brought his Jewish cultural tradition into our family and we have adopted it as our own. Each Christmas we have lox and bagels for breakfast, which I have always been told was a very traditional and kosher Jewish meal. After doing some research on the meal, it turns out that our version of it is slightly different, as we top our bagels with smoked salmon, cucumber, radishes, and green onions, whereas most Jewish Americans use capers, tomatoes, and onions to top their bagels. Nonetheless, our Christmas lox is one f my favorite meals and always reminds us of our great uncle Peter whose cultural tradition migrated into our family.

Place(s): Toronto, Canada

– Claudia Ellebrecht

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