Beautiful chopstick
Beautiful chopstick

 There was a pair of chopsticks sent by my father’s friend. One is for my mom and one is for my dad. This pair of chopsticks is made by Japanese craftsman. We can see the exquisite pattern on it. Chopsticks are one of the important symbols of Asian culture. We at least have a 3,000 years history of chopsticks. Most of Chinese families teach their children to use chopsticks when they are 5 years old. How is it related to the culture in the US? The Chinese immigrants move into Chinatown and they use chopsticks to eat. At the beginning, People saw that the staff felt strange. But see Nowadays chopsticks have become so popular, a lot of people from other countries want to learn how to use the chopstick. Not only the chopstick, the food in China also spread around the world. I think bubble tea is tasty for people around the world, and we learn food culture from using the chopstick. Even I did not immigrant to the United State, but the culture around world will connect together, So fully understand your culture and relate the culture from other country is really important.

Place(s): New York

– Allen Li

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