Chinese traditional coin

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  This item is call"铜钱“ it can be understand as"copper coin", it is a traditional money that used in ancient China. In my and some people's perspective this item can brings lucks and fortunes, so I always keep it behind me. I strongly firmed the coin will work as I thought...
   I am a immigrant from China, I came to U.S.A the day before Christmas at mid-night. No doubt, i couldn't felt sleep because i was too exciting about this new world, so i kept my conscious until morning, but still i closed my eyes and thinking about graceful things that will happen. Meanwhile, Sun raised from the East, the light started hit upon my face. I stood up then immediately take off my quilt and pull off curtain, I stick my face toward the window, what I saw is fantastic, snows burst in every houses and shine as unexpected. By the way I am little religious, which made me think my life will become better in U.S.A. The coin that I brought from China town 2 years from now grant me a big hope, it represents the day that I first came to US, which keep my daily life up,and I wish I will become a successful person.

Place(s): China
Year: 2009

– QinHui Chen

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child