Chinese massage tool

Relationship: Im/migrant

Chinese Masage Tool 
My object is a massage tool, It called “Gua Sha Ban” in Chinese. It is made of natural undyed buffalo horn. Its shape looks like a small bend blade. It is our Chinese traditional masage tool. It was polished smoothly. Chinese people think natural buffalo horn is herb that it has function of promoting blood flows, opening body channels, enhancing immunity and relieving fatigue. It is so popular in our country, becoming necessity for family health caring now. Every time when I use it to massage my head, my hands, and my shoulders, I will sigh with emotion of the profound effects of our country traditional herb culture and miss my country again. This masage tool also has another so significant meaning to me. It lets always remember one old woman how to help me with selfless when I was in tough situation. She actually let me recognize our world is still warm and bright, not only full of cold and dark. even though two years passed, I still can feel that warming feeling she gave me. Wherever I go, when I use this massage tool, I will see the wonderful part of our world and tell me how happy when we help others.

Place(s): China, New York

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant