Cherokee Old Settlers of OK

The Hendricks Family
The Hendricks Family

For years leading up to the Trail of Tears, the Native Americans on the east coast argued with the government over their land. Treaties were drafted and people went against their word over and over before the Indian Removal Act was mandated. During that time of tension, some Native Americans feared what would happen and began the long trip to Oklahoma ahead of the Trail of Tears. They were able to travel safely at their own pace. William Hendricks and his wife Susannah (her Cherokee name is So-Kin-Nee) traveled from Georgia to Tahlequah, Oklahoma with their many children. One of their youngest Children, Thomas, perhaps their eleventh child, was born in Oklahoma. His son, Thomas Jr, had a daughter named Hazel, who is my great grandmother. In my family, no one living still knows the Cherokee language. Grandma Hazel didn't know Cherokee, but her brothers did. I wish it could have been passed down to us. Unfortunately, the language is no longer a well known language. But the schools near Tahlequah are teaching it now, so hopefully it makes a comeback!

Place(s): Georgia, and Oklahoma
Year: 1832

– Christina Morley

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more